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Summer Distribution 2021 – UPDATE

Why do we do summers and how does summer distribution work?

We as a ministry saw the need to continue providing food through the summer as a result of listening and learning the needs of the recipients and getting feedback from school staff. A little listening, leads to a lot more caring and caring leads to asking questions and digging deeper into seeking the true needs of those in food insecure circumstances.

Year after year of providing food has taught CCM to dig, adapt, to always stretch and strive to do the most we can to ensure that a child does not go hungry. Every year we ask the counselors at each school to send a summer application home that includes dates and location options to the students that receive the weekend and break bags during the school year. Upon completing the applications, the counselors forward the information to us with the parent’s approval. We divide the forms based off of the location of choice and have the distribution team leaders of each location contact the families at their location. This enables us to send reminders out. The distribution teams load up their food boxes either the evening before or the day of distribution and drive out to their site. The families meet each team out there and receive. This is an extremely humbling time filled with lots of gratitude and lots of encouragement and can also lead to directing the families to additional resources.

For those that distribute, they have the blessing of meeting the families face to face, and have the opportunity to truly listen and connect. The distribution teams also have the blessing of having their faith in the ministry renewed and their determination to continue caring for others deepen. Year after year when we distribute, we remember why we do what we do and we are grateful that we get the honor of serving those who need a little help. We are reminded that God’s truest calling is to help those in need and to offer His hope.

Each site has testimonies to share. One testimony was a mother showing up in her work uniform, gratefully receive her food, and even followed up by showing us before and after pictures of her refrigerator. That fridge went from completely bare to stocked up. Another testimony is that of a mother of two children who found herself in Berkeley County, going through divorce to escape an unhealthy relationship, living in a shelter and started receiving KPP. Through the summer distribution she met a KPP board member who was heading up that particular distribution site. She was given not only food but words of encouragement, hope and an invite to CCM Community Day in the Park. She and her children attended the event all day plus came to the private KPP swim party after the event. While there, they were able to swim, play, and build relationships with CCM. At the end of the night the mother explained with happy tears that this day was the best day they had had in well over a year.

One by one the recipients accept their food while shyly smiling with tears in their eyes stating that they would not know what they would have done without CCM! Many grandparents, many working families, many persons with very limited income, simply in an unexpected season of difficulty not only receive food, but receive kindness, care, and hope. These families nor their children are ever treated as numbers, but treated as we would like to be treated if our situation was reversed. We are reminded to never grow weary in doing good and we are blessed beyond measure as our hearts grow for our community.

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Schools Served By Kidz Power Pacs

Serving on average 1025 hungry school-aged children (42 schools) in Berkeley and Jefferson County for 14 years


Bedington Elementary
Berkeley Heights Head Start
Bunker Hill Elementary
Burke St. Elementary
Eagle School Intermediate
Inwood Primary
Inwood Family Worship
Center Head Start
James Rumsey Head Start
Marlowe Elementary
Marlowe Head Start
Mountain Ridge Middle
Opequon Elementary
Potomack Intermediate
Rocky Knoll Elementary
Rosemont Elementary
Spring Mills Head Start
Spring Mills Primary
St. Leo’s Head Start
VA Epic Head Start

Winchester Ave. Elementary


Blue Ridge Elementary
Blue Ridge Primary
Blue Ridge Head Start
Charles Town Middle
CW Shipley
Driswood Elementary
Driswood Head Start
Harpers Ferry Middle
Jefferson High School
North Jefferson Elementary
Opportunity Learning Center
Page Jackson Elementary
Ranson Elementary

Shepherdstown Elementary

Shepherdstown Middle

South Jefferson Elementary
South Jefferson Head Start
T.A. Lowery Elementary
T.A. Lowery Head Start
Washington High School
Wildwood Middle
Wright Denny Intermediate

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Make a Difference in Our Community: Delivery Teams Needed for the Fall

We will be in need of several delivery teams for both counties come the fall. Through the past year and a half we have double and tripled up on delivery teams. This fall we need to get back to our regular schedule and we need your help! This is a once a week commitment during school hours. You must be able to lift semi heavy boxes of food. The boxes are picked up at the KPP location in each county and delivered weekly to your designated school. Weekly communication with your school and KPP will be required as well. It is a wonderful way to help the children and the ministry. If the food doesn’t make it to the schools to be passed out to the children then the children will go hungry. Interested? Email

Join our team: be part a part of our story
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Local Businesses Help Us When They Sponsor a Food Drive!

Recently, Panhandle Homes of Berkeley County, Countertop Solutions, Earth Art Kitchen and Bath, Spring Mills Apartments and Storage, ABC Supply Co. Inc., and Advocates Insurance Group LLO hosted a “Kidz Power Pacs” food drive by collecting easy-open child friendly food items for this weekend feeding ministry. Kidz Power Pacs / KPP serves an average of 1025+ children at 42 schools in Berkeley and Jefferson County, WV. Please reach out to us if you, your business, or church would like to help through a drive or donation:

Easy open foods for donation



Phone: (304) 268-8778

Connect with us on Facebook:

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Hold a donation or food drive to help KPP!

Kidz Power Pacs serves on average 1025 children weekly.

Like to hold a donation or food drive let us know! Monetary donations can be made out to: Community Combined Ministries PO BOX 2805 Martinsburg, WV 25402 Thank you all for your continue prayers, love and support!!!

Schools KPP Serves in Berkely and Jefferson Counties
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