As all of you know social media, newspapers, news channels and all the talks around the “water coolers” are not only about our city, our nation, our world, but also about how Christianity is under attack. It’s time we stop complaining, talking, being fearful and step out of the boat, be bold and UNITE!! Unite as ONE body of Christ: One Church. One Mission. He is calling can you hear Him?

The evil of this world is trying to crumble the believers and are overcoming the lost.

Straight from The Word

Our Lord is showing us His warning:

The Day Is Near
romans 13But He has a promise

II chron

We have tipped the scales along the way to those that serve and those that sit and the lost come like waves so thickly they cover the light. Cast-off the bushels and lean to one other. When two matches touch they burst of light and power amplifies. Imagine what a few boxes could do. Arm in arm carrying the Lord’s torch we can push back the dark!

God is calling !! Let’s AWAKEN and UNITE!

Sunday, Sept 20th at 11 am in the Parks and Rec Center at Lambert Park, 273 Woodbury Ave, Martinsburg WV

We understand this is a huge task and a big asking but know this is of Him not us. Building the Ark seemed crazy but Noah stayed faithful and stayed the course. When Sunday was given and He was asked: Why a Sunday Lord? We clearly heard: “Why not? Isn’t that the day you gather to worship me?” One Sunday is all He is asking and watch the transformation¬†happen!! It will ignite our city, the flame will catch throughout our nation! One Body of Christ!

Whose leading we know is the next question. Our Lord is leading and we are merely being His faithful servants. He has called Pastor Antoine Robertson (Antoine Robertson bio) to lead the service along with a praise and worship band (James Henley bio), both from Richmond Va. This way our local pastors can take this time to be lifted up, prayed over and refueled for the heavy trials that are upon them.

Tithe and offering will not be taken during this time as your tithe and offering needs to stay within your church.

Asking for prayer from each and everyone of you that truly believe that He hears our prayers!! Pray over the “AWAKENING” and for God’s will be done.

It’s time for a Transformation and the Truth be told. God is NOT Dead for He is surely ALIVE!!

We are ALL called by Him and we know we do not want a single person to perish. So many lies and so many either afraid to enter or feeling they are not worthy of His forgiveness. Break the lies! Come!

Many hands make light work. There is a lot of work to do before and the day of as well as the follow up afterwards.
As you pray if you are called to help or your church would like more information please email us :

Thank you in advance for all your prayers!!!

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